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the maintenance practice of wool carpet

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  it is essential to do correct and regular maintenance to carpet, otherwise, like the rest of a building, the carpet will soon lose it’s charm. compared with other types of flooring materials, the carpet is liable to upkeep and the cost is low, moreover, the cleaning is inexpensive and convenient. well planned maintenance will increase its service life, so carpet maintenance practice must be started from the installation.

  well planned maintenance includes the prevention of dirt into the carpet area, daily maintenance, surface cleaning and periodically or thoroughly restorative cleaning.

i carpet protection

  •dirt barrier system

  walk-off mats should be used at all entrances to absorb dust and moisture. a mat of at least three meters long is recommended, and the mat should be cleaned on a daily basis to ensure that dry dirt has been removed to, prevent the mat from losing its function after used for long time.

  the mat should be washed regularly and replaced with clean a clean one.

  • elevator carpet

  all the elevator floors opening to the carpet areas should be furnished with carpet or elevator carpet. proper daily maintenance by correct vacuuming the mat and carpet is necessary. when there is a color change, wet cleaning should be performed as soon as possible, otherwise, its dust absorbing function can not be effectively restored.

ii daily maintenance

  the cost of daily maintenance is low. effective daily maintenance mainly includes two important tasks: removing dry dust and cleaning stain spots.

  • removal of dry dust (daily vacuum cleaning)

  vacuum cleaner with rotary pile vibrator should be used when cleaning the carpets in public area. the vibrator usually includes one or more brush strips, driven by a separate motor to facilitate cleaning, meanwhile vacuum cleaner should be equipped with a filter and a high-capacity dirt collection bag or bin. each carpet area at least goes through effective vacuuming three times.

  •removal of stain spots

  rapidly removing and prevent stains spillage permeating into the pile fibers to form a freezing point is critical. it is recommended that the carpet be checked on a daily basis. all maintenance personnel should be familiar with carpet’s stain removal skills, and remove them in time.

iii surface cleaning

  the purpose of surface cleaning is to maintain the carpet’s good appearance without conducting frequent wet cleaning. one feasible method is to use dry extraction (with inert powder or dry compound) cleaning method which is to use a kind of powder mixer of solvent, emulsifier, water and lotions. the powder is randomly sprayed onto the carpet surface by hand or special distributor, and driven into the carpet pile by special equipment. according to the compounds or powder moisture content, after 30 minutes or few hours, the powder, together with dirt will be sucked out, thus the carpet cleaned.

  another most popular approach is foam cleaning which is to use a device with a rotary brush that can produce foam to clean the carpet surface. after cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner to soak up the remaining foam and dirt after the carpet is dry.

  all these methods can effectively restore the surface of the carpet, but it does not completely clean the carpet. some dust still hides in the carpet and gradually accumulates, unless regular and thorough wet cleaning is performed after every 2-3 times surface cleaning.

iv periodical or thorough cleaning

  • wet cleaning

  wet cleaning is required when the carpet is smudged by grease, oil and other sticky substances, and the accumulated dirt discolors the carpet and affects carpet pile.

  the most suitable method is spraying extraction cleaning (the equipment with or without rotary or vibratory brush). the hot water and detergent is sprayed onto the carpet under pressure, the water and detergent separates the dust from fiber, and then soaks up the dust, which can only be cleaned with hot water. in the case that the carpet is extremely soiled, use equipment with a rotary round brush for cleaning (only for cut-pile carpet).

  •some of the cleaning agents will produce residue on the carpet, so it is necessary to assess the performance of cleaning agents. products that have the logo on the right side all have passed through scientific test, thus they will be safe and effective for the maintenance of wool carpet.