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carpet tiles cleaning and nursing methods

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carpet stains

  1.the distribution of stains and dirt in the carpet

  1)the multilayer structure of carpet makes it easier to hide stains and dirt.

  2)stains not only exist on the surface, but deep into the fiber tangled supporting layer.

  3) dust or grits, once permeate into the second or third supporting layer, they become hidden stains, thus constantly damaging the carpet fibers.

  4) with the constant sweeping, stains will be hidden more deeply buried.

  2. the classification of carpet stains and dirt.

  1) water-based and dry stains and dirt.

  most carpet stains are water-based and dry substances ,including dust, grit, starch, soft drink,tea, fruit juices ,which account for 80% -85% of all stains and dust ,especially fine dust cased from work and life, they mostly adhere to the carpet surface. larger dust particles fall into the supporting layer.

  2) oil-based stains and dirt mainly includes animal and vegetable oils, cosmetics, shoe polish, ballpoint pen oil.

  3)protein-based stains and dirt refers to blood, vomit, urine, food, etc., accounting for about 15-20%.

decontamination tips

  (1)tea, coffee, beer, soy sauce, etc.: with the aid of the special carpet cleaning fluid, borax solution or liquid detergent ,etc., the carpet can be cleaned through repeated brushing, and the dirt will be completely disappear after rinsing .

  (2) ketchup, sauces and other sticky substances: use some extra absorbent objects such as napkins to absorb and get rid of the stains, then clean the carpet repeatedly with a brush, at last rinse it.

  (3) egg whites, milk, ice cream and other lipid objects: firstly, wash them with warm water and liquid detergent, then use a special volatile degreaser to remove the fat. note: hot water is not allowed to use as the protein is more likely to be solidified when heated, and the scales will be more difficult to remove, furthermore, it also makes carpet deformed.

daily maintenance

  when in use, the carpet should avoid strong sunlight, lest it becomes aged or its color faded. the foot of furniture contacting the carpet should be furnished with cushions or frequently move the furniture; as for the places seriously worn out, besides protecting them with covering, you can also change the position. since the fiber in the inner surface layer of carpet is easy to accumulate dust, the best way to clean the dust is vacuum the carpet in direction of fiber.

  experts suggest that vacuuming the carpet once a week to prevent the dirt from being embedded in the pile because dirt will grind the bottom, thus accelerate the wear. at the moment there are three types of vacuum cleaners: pure suction , beater bar and bristle-brush rotary, all of which are all applicable to the closed pile carpet ; while for looped carpet, only the vacuum cleaners have sucking function. in addition, when using the vacuum cleaner, the last push should in the direction of pile.

the methods of carpet care

  1.the methods of carpet care

  1)vacuum cleaning

  function: brush and loosen the carpet fibers and absorb more than 80% of dry dirt .

  equipment: upright or canister vacuum cleaner.

  2)stain treatment

  function: promptly remove stains, prevent the fibers from become fragile, adhering or breaking.

  tools: soft brush, towel, special detergent and cleanser.

  3)dry cleaning of the wrought mat

  function: clean carpet surface through foaming.

  equipment / cleanser: 20 inch 175 rpm machine, high foam carpet cleanser.

  4) rotary shampoo dry cleaning

  function: clean carpet surface and the supporting layer through foaming.

  equipment / cleaner: 20 inch 175 rpm machine, high foam carpet cleanser, electronic foamer. released / foam first, tank released / foam later

  5) extraction carpet cleaning

  function: completely absorb dirt in the deep layer of carpet and spray, brush, sucking on the carpet surface at one time.

  equipment / cleanser: split type extractor machine, integrated extractor machine, bubble-free carpet cleanser.

  2. steps of carpet care

  1) daily cleaning, vacuum cleaning and treating the carpet stains

  2) cleaning the carpet weekly, remove stains, dry foam or flannel polishing cleaning

  3) regular carpet cleaning, spots removal, dry foam cleaning

  4) thoroughly clean the carpet, remove stains, extraction cleaning

  3. the factors that influence the effect of carpet stains removal

  1) time / processing

  2) types of stains

  3) carpet materials

  4) several processing / judging, choosing the right cleanser

  4. the process of a regular cleaning and maintenance

  1) vacuum cleaning

  2) remove local stains

  3) for wet the carpet; put no foam carpet cleanser in the water, spray the carpet surface, and soften the dry materials.

  4) machine cleaning (dry foam or extraction)

  5) prepare a fan for drying when emergencies

  6) vacuum cleaning (must be adopted when dry foam cleaning, no necessary for extraction cleaning)