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  time flies. shanhua carpet group company has taken rooted in china’s traditional industries over thirty years, during which we have been working hard. and thank for all the attention and support of various sectors, now our brand has been in ahead of china’s carpet industry, leading the industry to go onto the world stage.

  keep improving and achieve success. as far as the development process of shanhua, we have been insisted that the more professional we are, the higher quality of our products will be and better credit builds better brands. we built the five-continent marketing cooperative net and improved our after-sales service system more effective. therefore, we offered high quality service for a number of national key projects such as the great hall of the people , olympic stadium, china pavilion of shanghai world expo and are widely accepted and applied by intercontinental hotels, shangri-la and resorts, westin, hyatt ,sheraton, hilton, etc. we have been rated as the china’s most valuable brands 500 for six consecutive times with the brand value growing up to 3.626 billion. it is the spirit of keeping improving and shanhua people’s constant working hard that inspires shanhua to achieve the good reputation of the top band in china’s carpet industry.

  things change over time and things change with situations. however, we still remain at the leading edge of china’s carpet industry after several reforms. in another industrial development, we have reallocated resources and established the digital and green development as our core idea so that we can continue leading the development of china’s carpet industry.

  the road ahead will be long and our climb will be steep. shanhua group company will, as always does, focus on customers’ need. by applying advanced technology, we will provide multiple products and comprehensive service and establish a complete carpet industry chain to meet the special requirements of different customers and make our company develop continually. with full passion and strong faith, we shall endeavor tp achieve the dream of “creating a worldwide brand and revitalizing national industry” and building a brilliant carpet kingdom for all customers in the world.