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sustainable development:

  the core meaning of sustainable development is that our development today and the satisfaction of needs are not at the expense of damaging the future people’s ability of meeting their needs and development.

  shanhua group has always focused on and practiced the principle in production and operation activities, especially in the development process of the new products, it has been fully reflected no matter in the selection of raw materials, production process design or in technology practice.

environmental commitments:

  the protection of the environment is the responsibility of every enterprise and is also the lifeline of the development of our shanhua. to protect the common homeland of mankind, every employee in shanhua group will participate in environmental protection personally.

  our commitment: we will not damage the environment to seek enterprises benefits!

green production:

  green renewable raw materials:

  as the main raw material of shanhua carpets, the high quality wool comes from the beautiful new zealand grassland and british isles; the sheep stroll cheerfully in the pasture and the high quality wool nourished by lush pasture is the natural and renewable green materials; after processed by green industrial chain of shanhua, it becomes the shanhua carpets with prominent quality.

  the bio-based fibers are fiber material adopted forcefully by shanhua to develop new products and this kind of fiber contains a high proportion of renewable and biodegradation ingredient. it is the crystallization of green technology for mankind to reduce environmental impact. the bio-based fibers have been largely adopted in shanhua axminster carpet, tufted carpet and color printing carpet products.

energy conservation and cleaner production:

  shanhua group is committed to reducing energy consumption continuously through equipment modification and heat recycling:

  reduce energy consumption through adopting led lighting equipment.

  committed to the use of the clean energy, use the solar energy to provide a part of the heat in the production process. it benefits from the abundant wind energy resources of the beautiful weihai, and 40-50% of basic electricity utilization of shanhua group is from wind power generation.

  save the resource consumption and reduce the environmental impact through separate collection and recycling of the solid waste.

water treatment and water resources protection:

  shanhua group is committed to the economical utilization of water resources, and the water consumption per unit output in dyeing process is far below the industrial average. all production water is recycled or returned to nature after high-level processing. all greening water and part of cooling process water come from natural rainfall collected and stored by water storage facilities of the park.

green certification and recognition awards:

  shanhua group has always focused on the synchronization of environmental protection and benefits and implements the concept of greening, cleaning and environmental protection in all links of selection of raw materials, production, marketing and after-sales service, etc. it is the earliest carpet enterprise which passes iso14001 certification in domestic, all the products it produces have passed “china environmental protection carpet certification” and its key products have passed usa cri +plus indoor air quality certification.

  as the recognition to shanhua group’s advocating green production in the whole industry chain and leading the industry for sustainable development, fcw (floor covering weekly) grants the gsaa green pinnacle award to shanhua carpet group co., ltd. to commend shanhua group’s prominent performance and sustained efforts in adopting environmental protection raw materials, cleaner production, energy conservation, green marketing, and perfect after-sales service in march 2014.