application process-捕鱼网站

  1. the applicant could consult and understand the relevant procedures via telephone, e-mail or log on our website and fill out the “application form”.

  2. the applicant should submit the “application form”, one copy of id card, copies of business license, taxation registration certificate and the organization code certificate to the market department.

  3. the market representative will conduct a preliminary negotiation and evaluate the qualification of the potential distributor. after the qualification is confirmed, both parties shall sign the “distribution intention agreement” to reserve the distributor’s priority.

  4. after the brand guarantee deposit is paid and the details of the contract is confirmed through negotiation and the “shanhuar**product** area distribution contract” is to be drawn up.

  5.the manager of the market department will examine the “shanhua **product**distribution contract” and confirm the relevant details again.

  6. the sales manager will examine the “shanhua**product**area distribution contract” and confirm the relevant price and submit them to the general manager for approval.

  7. after the general manager has reviewed and approved it, a representative is to be designated to sign a contract with the authorized distributor.

  8. the head company will issue the distributor qualification certificate ceremoniously to the distributors to start the journey towards success.