dealers qualification-捕鱼网站

  1. legal person with the legal operation license or natural person, who should be able to attach importance to the commercial reputation, contribute to the public, abide by the laws and operates business by credit.

  2. acknowledge the operation notion and corporate culture of shanhua brand, agree, understand comprehensively, accept and execute the marketing notion, operation mode and market strategy formulated by shanhua and attach importance to team spirit, corporation and communication.

  3. suit the requirement for the area market positioning of shanhua and play an influential role in the local carpet industry and the relevant fields.

  4. the applicants who have operation channels or good cooperation experiences with shanhua will have the priority.

  5. applicants who have fixed operation place and a certain scale of depot will be considered preferentially.

  6. pay the brand guarantee deposit according to the area location.

  7. one should have the ability to accomplish the area sales budget.