advantages of shanhua-捕鱼网站

  1. credit: the creditable practice is a well-known quality warranty that enabled shanhua to become the no. 1 brand in carpet industry.

  2. brand: high level positioning of shanhua brand provides a warranty for a profitable margin space.

  3. completeness in variety: one station type solution meets the demand for carpets; the serious and professional management and the abundant experience in serving the customers provide customers with diverse solution proposals.

  4. advancement in technology: shanhua has a domestically advanced research & development, design and innovation competency and the only one self-owned spinning capacity; with a state-level first class standard carpet laboratory, shandong carpet industry technology center and the provincial enterprise technology center in shandong, shanhua is leading the carpet development trend.

  5. experienced designing competency: shanhua has a strong designing team, about one hundred professional designers both from home and abroad, designcom, designing and materials selecting system and large amount of cases and profiles support.

  6. sufficient guarantee capacity: abundant products options and strict area market protection help to lay a solid foundation for the successful operation.

  7. modernized management: shanhua’s perfect digital information system reduces the management cost. the professional and comprehensive training and local marketing sharing provide a guarantee for the successful operation.

  8. full – scale support: shanhua has sufficient exhibition and the media advertisement support; its solely professional carpet commerce center provides perfect experiencing space, enabling business negotiation to yield twice the results with half the effort.

  as long as you concentrate on the operation and success can be achieved without worry.