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  with the new round of launched progressively reform in china, china is becoming the world economy development center gradually under the circumstance of fast and healthy development of the economy.

  since the third plenary of the eighteenth session central committee, with the continual implementation of the new-type urbanization strategy and the further accomplishment of the plan of doubling the income of people, there is an increased requirement for the healthiness and comfort of the environment of hotels, offices and household. in the process of utilizing the carpets, it has incomparable merits that the hard carpeted materials do not have. apart from the beautiful interior decorating effect, it also functions well in absorbing and reducing the noise and creating a harmonious and quiet atmosphere. the carpet can also serve as a protection, providing the old and the young with safer activity space; the carpet can absorb the micro -dust in the air and clean the air. compared with other carpeted objects, it is more environment-friendly and better suit the request of people’s pursuit of a healthy traveling, entertaining, working and living. the demand for the carpet in the future will expand constantly at a high-speed.

  shanhua’s strong marketing and support network created a successful legend of ranking top in various aspects of indexes in the industry continuously for 21 years.

  no confusion but successful proliferation.