basic information:

job title:accountant stationed abroad



place of work:all



job description:



  1. related accounting major, college degree or above;

  2. more than 2 years’ working experience, relevant work experience of general taxpayer enterprises is preferred;

  3. careful, passionate in job, hard working, with good professional ethics;

  4. quick thinking, strong ability to accept, independent thinking ability, be good at summing up work experience;

  5. familiar with financial and office software, relevant actual operating experience of kingdee, ufida financial system is preferred;

  6. good communication ability;

  working time: 8:00-17:00, the rest days are sunday and legal holidays.

  working place: all the capital city of the country

job requirements:


  job responsibilities:

  1. financial revenue and expenditure approval, financial special report and accounting statements review, major financial revenue and expenditure planning;

  2. budget compilation and budget implementation, participate i