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  roderick james short, designer of carpets & rugs.

  introduction by mr.roderick james short:

  my trade began 30 years ago in scotland as a junior designer working under my father, james t. short, who was one of the most sought after axminster designers of his time.

  i began my career learning from him & many talented designers handpainting checkpapers, mixing paint to match yarns, etc, which is now a way of the 'past', for the european & usa hospitality markets.

  with this training of the 'past' which would benefit me in the ways of the 'future', i moved from the uk to the usa 10 years later to further my design career in hospitality axminster design, as a senior designer, & director of design for many of the leading producers.

  the design process had changed & was becoming computerized where by my 'past' training was put use by one of the leaders in cad design software...nedgraphics, which turned out to be of great need to them in perfecting their system.

  i became one of the first carpet designers of that time to be fully qualified in the 'past', & 'present' ways of carpet design by use of cad, so much so that the need for this cad design experience was in great demand by many woven companies.

  at this time my career changed from hospitality to retail, & developed woven wilton rugs for what was to be a very large market for area rugs in the us, due to the increased need for hard surface floorcovering for the home.

  within this 15 year span i started my own company to fill a void i saw in retail for coordinate accessories, & produced 'from the floor up' a package of home coordinates, starting with the rug, fabrics, pillows,& furniture accessories.this was my most successful achievement of my career, & became the 'future' in rug design marketing.

  i now look forward to the 'future' being part of the shanhua team as roderick james design in developing designs for both the hospitality & retail markets, both here in the us & other global areas of the world.

  "if we cherish the 'past', adorn the 'present', we will endeavor to create the 'future'."

  roderick james short.